Dubin Paper Co.

Company History

Dubin Paper - Dedicated to service since 1919

Frank Dubin founded Dubin Paper Company in 1919. Operating out of the basement of his house, he would deliver orders to the tradesmen of his time. Often these orders would be as small as $.50! His business grew and his basement became crowded.

Originally, deliveries were made by pushcart throughout the neighborhood, and then came the horse drawn wagon. The truck pictured on this site was the actual truck used to deliver products.

From these humble beginnings Dubin Paper Company continued to grow and move into larger facilities. Generations passed and the work ethic, family corporate culture, and dedication to the customer became imbedded in the fabric of the Company where they remain strong today.

Dubin Paper Company has weathered the Great Depression and two World Wars. The Company has grown and adapted to the changes in the marketplace. Today our niche is firmly established, as is our reputation within the Industry.

When we claim our dedication to service since 1919, or old-fashioned service today, the genesis of this resides in those $.50 orders delivered by pushcart and an old basement in Philadelphia.

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