Dubin Paper Co.

Our Products

We offer a complete line of Foodservice and Janitorial Products.

Aerosols    Dust Pans    Pickle Bags
Aprons and Bibs   Face Mask   Place Mats
Bag Ties   Facial Tissue   Plates & Bowls
Baking Cups   Floor Care Products   Poly Bakery Bags
Bar Soap   Floor Pads   Rubber Bands
Batteries   Foam and Plastic Hinged Lids   Safety Goggles
Bleach   Foil Bags   Sandwich Wrap
Bottled Water   Foil Pans and Containers   Sanitary Napkins
Brillo Pads   Foil Wrap   Skewers
Brooms   Food Service Chemicals   Soap
Brushes   Food Service Film   Soufflé Cups
Bucket and Wringers   Fuels   Sponges
Bus Boxes   Gloves   Spray Bottle
Cake Boxes   Grill Screens   Straws & Sip Stix
Cake Circles   Guest Checks   Tablecovers
Candles   Hairnets   Tape
Cater Trays   Ice Cream Dishes   Terry Bar Towels
Cellophane Rolls   Interfolded Food Wrap   Toilet Tissue
Chef Hats   Janitorial Products   Tooth Picks
Coasters   Laundry Detergent   Towels
Coffee Filters   Lids   Trash Cans
Coffee Sleeves   Microwaveable Containers   Trash Liners
Containers   Mops   Trays
Copy Paper   Napkins/White/Color   Tray Covers
Cups   News Wrap   Treated Dust Cloths
Cutlery   Oven Mitts   Wash Cloths
Deli Containers & Lids   Over Seas Caps   Wipes
Doilies   Pan Liners   Wool Dusters
Double Wax Bakery Bags   Paper Bags    


Food Service DisposablesSanitary Maintenance Supplies